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Welcome to BCI


We are a licensed private detective firm that is dedicated to delivering premium investigative services to attorneys, businesses, organizations, and citizens. We provide a wide range of services designed to help you find the answers you seek.
Our private investigators specialize in background/pre-employment screening, criminal and civil defense investigations, and workers' compensation investigations. We also offer Live Scan fingerprinting services. Baldwin Consulting & Investigations has an exclusive partnership that authorizes us to submit your encrypted fingerprints directly to the FBI. This process allows our customers to have background checks conducted through the FBI’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), with a quick return of results usually within 24 hours. 
Rest assured, at Baldwin Consulting & Investigations, each investigation will be handled with the utmost discretion, due diligence, and integrity. Our firm has a medical expert on staff, who is a licensed physician in several states, and a team of experienced investigators who were all former law enforcement professionals. We welcome inquiries about our private investigations and fingerprinting services. So please do not hesitate to email us or give us a call. Our consultations are always confidential and free of charge.
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